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Being Admitted - Surgical Termination

On arrival at our clinic you will be required to complete a series of Hospital Admission forms and make payment. We will then take you through to our admission nurse, who will ask you a few questions about your health and wellbeing, before you see our doctor.

Once you have seen the operating doctor, the anaesthetist will assess your medical history and will discuss the anaesthetic with you.

Our theatre nurses will escort you into theatre shortly after seeing the anaesthetist and you will wake up in the recovery area.

You will be required to stay at hour facility for approximately 1 hour after your procedure has finished.

Note: If you are over 12 weeks gestation, you will be provided with medication called Misoprostol, which helps to soften the cervix in preparation for the procedure.

Misoprostol takes 1-3 hours to fully take effect, which will impact on your waiting time.


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