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Requirements for a Surgical Abortion - Preparing For Your Appointment


If you are on any medication or have had a recent bad cold or flu, or have diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy, or any other medical condition, please inform the staff when making your booking. You may require a specially scheduled appointment and the doctor may need to give you specific instructions.

If you suffer from asthma or diabetes, please bring your medication with you.

What to Bring

  • Medicare Card
  • Health Care Card/Pension Card
  • Payment
  • A spare pair of clean underpants (not a g-string)
  • 2 sanitary pads
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Legal Identification (i.e Drivers Licence, Passport, birth certificate)
  • Any blood test results, ultrasounds, referrals from your doctor, donor cards (these are not necessary for booking an appointment)
  • Any medication you are taking
  • Bring something to keep you occupied. We have magazines readily available

Note: Medicare Cards do not count as a form of ID

What NOT to Bring

  • Do NOT bring valuables
  • Do NOT wear make-up, jewellery, or piercings
  • Do NOT bring more than one person to accompany you to the clinic
  • Do NOT bring anyone under the age of 12 into the facility (infants and children)


Please shower and shampoo your hair on the morning of the procedure.

Blood Group

If you have evidence of your blood group, either on a donor card or pathology test, please bring this along to your surgery. To perform a termination, we must know whether you have a positive or negative blood group. If you do not have evidence of your blood group, we will perform a small finger prick test on the day. If you have a negative blood type, you will be provided with an Anti-D injection following your surgery. 

BEFORE your procedure

  • Nothing to EAT, DRINK, or SMOKE for at least 6 hours prior to your appointment time (this includes gum and lollies)
  • Water may be consumed up to two hours prior to your appointment time

If you eat or drink anything prior to your procedure, your procedure will be delayed for up to 6 hours or you will be rescheduled for another day.

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