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Admission - Surgical Abortion

After you have finished your admission paperwork and have provided payment, you will see an admission nurse who will check your obs, temperature, and your blood group. The nurse will run through the paperwork and surgery details with you, providing you with information on contraception. This is your chance to ask questions in private. The nurse will then take you down to the patient waiting room where you will get dressed into theatre attire including a gown, hat, and shoes.

Once you are ready, the operating doctor will call you in to perform an ultrasound. The doctor will run over the procedure with you and will offer expert advice on contraception, so please feel free to ask questions. If you decide to proceed with the termination, you will be required to sign a consent form with the doctor.

Occasionally, some of our patients decide to continue their pregnancy and we can provide both advice and referral to the nearest obstetric centre for antenatal care, should you wish.

Once you have seen the operating doctor, the anaesthetist will talk to you about the anaesthetic and your medical history.

You will now be ready to have the procedure.

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