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Do I need a referral from my doctor?

You do not need a referral, however, if you have a referral we would like you to bring it with you on the day of your appointment. We will need your doctors contact information and a copy of your blood group. If you don't have your blood group we can do it at the clinic for you.

Does it hurt?

The majority of women who have Termination of Pregnancy say they are very comfortable during their time at the clinic as the procedure is very quick.  Some women do experience cramping similar to period pain and need mild painkillers. Please Contact Us to discuss any concerns you may have.

Am I asleep for the procedure?

We offer a sedation, so you are asleep for the procedure which takes about 8 minutes.  If you would prefer another type of anaesthetic you can discuss it with the doctor on the day of the procedure.

How long do I have to be at the clinic?

Depending on the procedure, the duration of your stay could be between four and six hours, including after care and various consultations with the doctors.  

When can I go back to work?

After a termination of pregnancy, you may return to work the following day. A medical certificate may be provided if required for the day. Keep in mind that you cannot legally drive after anaesthetic for 24 hours.

Where can I get more information about the decisions I have to make?

You can ring Children by Choice if you feel you need more help making your decision.

How many weeks do you go up to?

GSDS specialise in termination (abortion) of pregnancy up to 16 0 days gestation weeks. Any procedure after 16 weeks requires specialist advice available from this clinic.

When do you start doing terminations?

GSDS conducts procedures from 5 weeks, which can be determined by ultrasound at the Clinic.  

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