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Can a female under the age of 16 access a termination?

In Queensland, females under the age of 16 can access a termination, preferably with a legal guardian present. Terminations of pregnancies performed on a young person (14-16 years of age) without parental consent is at the discretion of each individual abortion provider.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure is relatively quick, only lasting for approximately 10 minutes.

Will there be protestors at the clinic when I arrive?


As of December 3rd 2018 all termination clinics in Queensland are protected by law and protestors need to be at least 150m away from the premises.

Can I get financial help for your services?

You can call Children by Choice (1800 177 725) who may be able to assist you financially.

If I have had a surgical termination and have taken a pregnancy test that has turned up positive, does this mean I am still pregnant?


Pregnancy tests can still be positive for up to 2 weeks following a surgical termination.

How can it be too early to have a termination ?

In order to have a termination, your physician must be able to confirm that there is a pregnancy in your uterus with an ultrasound scan. If you are too early in the pregnancy (less than 5 weeks), the doctor might be unbale to detected/ confirm anything with the ultrasound. This increases the likelihood of missing all or part of the pregnancy tissue and can result in an incomplete termination/ continuing pregnancy.

Is it safe to have more than one termination ?

Yes, having a termination is very safe. While there are risks involved with a termination every time you have one, there is no research that shows having more than one termination of pregnancy procedure will cause increased risk to you, your future health, or your fertility.

What will I feel emotionally after my procedure?

Women express a wide range of feelings after a termination.

From sadness to relief.

From anger to grief, a mix of emotions is normal.  

There is no right or wrong way to feel.  It is important that you consider your feelings carefully and try not to ignore them. If you find that you would like help in coping with any emotions that you are experiencing, we can refer you to expert counselling services who are free of charge.


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