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How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the gestation of your pregnancy i.e. how many weeks pregnant you are (Termination prices start at $400 with a Health Care Card/Pension Card) When you contact the clinic we can give you the details of the costs involved for either Abortion and/or Contraception. Patients seeking counselling and referral services on all unplanned pregnancy options - abortion, parenting and adoption, including financial assistance, should contact Children By Choice for further advice.

Please be aware that costs for a termination increase considerably the later the procedure is conducted. GSDS only operates up to 16 weeks 0 days, and if later, specialist advice will be provided.

Can I use my private health cover?

Yes you can, it does depend if you have hospital cover and what your excess is. We can check it for you; just give your details when you make the appointment for either procedure.

We are not contracted with Bupa and Medibank Private so we are not able to use those funds.

Is there a discount for Single Parent Pension (SPP) or Health Care Card (HCC)?

There is a discount if you hold a current concession card (SPP/HCC), depending on the procedure. However, if you are over a certain time (12 weeks) in your pregnancy, unfortunately we can not use the concession.

Do I get any money back from Medicare?

GSDS rebates the price upon payment. You cannot claim any money back afterwards.

What if I don't have Medicare?

Unfortunately, we have to charge you the full amount for any service we provide. If you are a student/international non-resident and have overseas private cover, we can give you an itemised account that you can take to your fund as you may be able to claim some money back.

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