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GSDS strives to provide high quality care and as part of this we would like to provide some general instructions for you to follow after your procedure and leaving the clinic:

IUD Discharge Instructions

If you have chosen to have an anaesthetic, for the next 24 hours you should not:

  • Drive a vehicle, ride a bike, or operate complex machinery
  • Make any important decisions
  • Sign legal documents
  • Drink alcohol
  • Smoke cigarettes
  • Take illicit drugs
  • Breastfeed

You are generally good to go back to work the next day but you cannot drive for 24 hours so keep that in mind.

You should contact GSDS if any of the following occur:

  • Severe pain not controlled by the medication suggested
  • Continuing bleeding that is heavier than the heaviest day of normal menstrual period and saturates more than one pad an hour
  • Chills or fever with an oral temperature of 37.5 degrees or more
  • Offensive discharge

Post Discharge Care

Diet: Return to a normal diet. If you feel nauseated try fluids only and contact us if it does not settle down within 24 hours 

Pain Relief: You may take over the counter relief that you are familiar with. DO NOT TAKE ASPIRIN (or any analgesic containing blood thinning agents)

Antibiotics: You should not require antibiotics for an IUD insertion

Post-Procedure Check-Up: You will need to see our doctor or your GP six weeks after your insertion to check that the device is still in place

Activity: You can resume normal activity but no heavy lifting or strenuous activity for the next 2 days (this includes going to the gym)

Sexual Intercourse: No sexual intercourse for two days

Personal Hygiene: Do not use tampons whilst bleeding post-operatively within the first 2 days – you must use pads only.  Have showers (not baths) for the next two days. No swimming for two days

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems or concerns. Our Staff are specialists in this area and can provide expert advice.

Implanon Discharge Instructions

Do not put too much weight onto the arm in which the device was inserted for a few days.

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