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Details of the respective Abortion or Contraception methods, Medicare, and Private Health rebates are given under General Information of the Abortion and Contraception sections of this site.

Your safety, comfort, and privacy are our prime concerns to ensure that your visit with us is as relaxed and as pleasant as possible. We also want to ensure that you are aware of and have the knowledge to make a fully informed decision on your choice of procedure offered by GSDS.

This and further information about GSDS is contained in this site. Should you require any further information and or advice please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


We specialise in termination (abortion) of pregnancy up to 16 weeks. Any procedure after 16 weeks requires specialist advice which is available at this clinic.

Costs for terminations begin at $400.


‚ÄčNote: Costs for terminations escalate weekly after 12 weeks.



We offer a variety of contraceptive means, including the insertion and removal of:

  • The Copper IUD - (also known as the TT 380 or Multi Load) a small plastic device with copper wire wrapped around its stem
  • The Mirena IUD - a small plastic device carrying hormones
  • The Implanon - a small plastic rod containing hormones that is inserted into the arm

We additionally offer:

  • Depo Provera - a contraceptive injection containing hormones
  • OCP – oral contraceptive pill

The insertion of IUDs and Implanons can be done on the same say as a surgical termination.                 

The insertion of IUDs on their own can be performed with or without sedation.

GSDS staff offer sympathetic and caring advice on contraception and family planning. We also fully respect and place primary concern on both patient safety and the choice any patient makes, at any time leading up to and post procedure.

Costs for contraception starts at as little as $20.

CST and STI Checks

Our facility is able to provide bulk-billing for both Cervical Screening Tests and STI checks.

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